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Thread: Looking for friends!!!<3

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    Icon3 Looking for friends!!!<3

    Haii I'm just starting to play again and looking for some friends or just some nice people to show me the ropes again!! I'm level 151 bishop. Looking for training friends and just friends in general!! :D i love to pq i love to do anything party related. if anyone is willing to show me a place that is good for me to level up and gain mesos that would be REALLY appreciated!! I only have 2m and really really need to get these new mastery book thingysss. Im like TOTALLY outdated, so excuse me while i noob <3 xc

    OH im in BROA

    -Aly <3 <3
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    Hi! I'm a newbie. I'm just looking for some new games. :)

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    i am also lookig for friends. help?

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    I wanna be ur f-f-fwiend~~~ ;o

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