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Thread: The Door To Elsewhere!

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    Default The Door To Elsewhere!

    Really annoyed at the moment.
    I've killed over 1000 Kargos and haven't even found ONE piece of a key fragment. I've dropped the quest, picked it back up and still nothing. Double and Tripled check to make sure I was in the right area.
    Is there a glitch on this quest?

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    1. Dug seems to have a request.

    2. Minah found that there were three places Tristan's Sword might be located...But the monsters ate the keys. Get as many Key Fragments as possible at the First Door, and piece them together. Canary says the monsters are near there. Use the first key fragments you've collected from your inventory. Canary will be waiting for you by the entrance.

    3. You didn't find anything at the first location.
    The quest is pretty badly translated, there's no map called "First Door". Maybe try killing monsters from 'Cursed Temple: Temple Entrance', 'Hidden Street: Silent Stillness 2', and maybe talking to Canary since #3 says "you didn't find anything at the first location"?

    If there's still nothing then yeah I would say the quest is bugged
    viva la nagato yuki

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