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Thread: [2017] Simplified Leveling Guide

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    Default [2017] Simplified Leveling Guide

    Scroll down to the guide if you're up-to-date with the new mechanics of the game.


    0. Press U to open up an in-game leveling guide. This useful tool will teleport you to content suitable to your level. It is the most efficient tool you will find.

    1. Many high level maps (lv80+) are "Burning Fields", which basically give a 100% (2x) exp bonus. The longer you linger in the area, the lower the EXP bonus gets. As in, after 30 minutes it might drop to 90% and so forth. After it reaches under 50% it's suggested you head to another map nearby.

    2. During December holidays, you are able to get Enjoyable Winters, which offer a 2x EXP bonus that stacks with all other buffs- except 2X EXP events. They sell for cheap during any event where they're rewarded, but skyrocket a few weeks after.

    3. You can now access an in-game auction house where people list items that you can instantly buy. The prices are often cheaper than the FM (and it doesn't take 3 years to find items). Access the AH by pressing [ in town. Buy some Enjoyable Winters if you're able to afford them.

    4. There is a new feature to MS called Star Force - basically, you can scroll your items with Spell Traces that drop from all mobs occasionally, and then use mesos to add stars to the item for even more power. Your Star Force level is the total amount of stars you have from your equipment. Several areas in the game are Star Force zones which require a certain amount of SF to grind in (or else you won't deal any DMG). These areas have much tougher enemies who offer massively increased amounts of exp.

    4A. Using Starforce on your items will eat up a lot of mesos. The more stars your item has, the higher the chance it will fail and waste your $. At Lv 12+ (Lv 120 items+) there's a chance they might destroy the item which can be safeguarded against for A LOT of meso. Thus it is advised you star your lv30~60 themepark gear to the max (for cheap) as they will outperform everything until triple digit levels.

    5. The Mercedes class offers a 10% / 15% / 20% EXP bonus once she hits Lv 70/120/210. You can give this bonus to one other character through using the Link Manager skill. It's suggested that you get a Bishop and a Kanna to join you as you grind - as they'll offer huge exp buffs as well.

    5A. Almost all characters (barring the original 5 classes) offer special bonuses that you can link to another character. Some of the best classes for the benefits are Arans (400/650/900% EXP orb bonus), Mercedes (EXP bonus) etc..

    6. Sometimes when a specific event is going on, you can create a new character and make it "Burning". This new element will allow your character to gain 2 extra levels every time it levels up. So if you hit lv 11, you'd get lv 12 and lv 13 as well.

    7. You now get combos for killing monsters. The combo will reset after 6~10 seconds without a kill. Every 50 combos, an EXP orb will appear. Touch it to get a nice exp boost. Like I said before, Aran can buff the exp obtained and give this benefit to others.

    8. Almost all maps are currently 'haunted' in a sense. If you kill a lot of mobs, it will summon a giant 'elite' mob; basically a tank. If your character sucks at damaging it, don't waste your time. However, defeat it and it will drop a lot of goodies (like high quality foods / potions which you can sell for M2,000~5,000 ea) and grant you a lot of exp.

    9. After 20 Elite monsters have been defeated on a map, it summons an elite boss. This boss will do MASSIVE amounts of damage and will take a true hero to defeat. Do this though, and you'll be rewarded EXTREME exp, and 1~2 chests that grant lots of cool stuff. Often, the map will change and monsters will drop bubbles that grant you xp / items / armor etc if you catch them.

    10. When you hit lv 30, 50 and 70, you unlock inner abilities. Press S and you'll see it. When you have all of them unlocked, click "Reset" to randomize your stats. Keep doing this until you get an epic rank, then lock what you want. Keep in mind it drains honor EXP fast as hell.

    11. ALWAYS star-force your gear at low levels. Then you won't have to worry about equipment until lv 90+. An exception is your weapon - Only SF it at lv 30, 60, 90, (choose wisely.. 100/110) 120, 150/160.

    12. If you need new equips, click the > on the center-left of the screen and click the nerdy redhead. Click the box up to the top-right to get gear for lv 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 for free.

    13. Spell Traces sell for anywhere from 6k to 20k each. Enchanting your gear will eat up a lot of money. If you're going to buy mesos, be careful what sites you use. 2~3$ can net you 1,000,000,000 nowadays.

    14. The economy is insane now. Expect to spend 1~50 billion on endgame gear.

    15. You can't equip 2 of the same rings.

    16. You have to get Lv.30 charm and go to henesys for the quest to unlock the pocket slot. You'll have to spend real $ to buy the 2nd Pendant slot.

    17. Always pay attention to any events going on. They often reward very decent rewards nowadays, so do those dailies.

    18. Research the classes before you create your main. Many classes are mediocre, while others are OP and easily fundless. Choose wisely...

    19. You can either grind (esp through SF maps) or go through all the content. If you go through the content it can often be much slower, but you get some excellent loot which vastly increases your power.

    20. PQs aren't usually worth the time anymore so you won't find too many people around. They still give a LOT of exp though.

    21. You need to complete ALL of the Temple of Time quests in order to get your 5th job.

    22. Familiars: You can summon monsters (if you collected their cards) to fight for you. Some offer extemely good effects. The more cards of the monster you collect, the better their effect.

    The best familiars:

    Jr.Boogie (MP Rec 15%)
    Wolf Underling (100% Item Drop Rate)
    Eye of Time (100% Mesos)
    Big Spider (60% Item/Meso Rate)
    Mutant Orange Mushroom (+5 Soul Absorption)


    Lv 1~XX - Beginning / Tutorials;

    Do all of the quests at the spawn area you're at. By the time you're done, you'll be around lv10 (explorer) or 20+. Some classes start you off at much higher levels, such as Zero (Lv.100). Just do all the stuff in your area for now.

    Lv 10~15 - Kill mushrooms in hene for a dozen minutes.

    Lv 15~20(25) - Golem's Temple: You'll get to this area right by Henesys, and an NPC will offer you some quests. Kill the golems and keep grinding off them until you hit lv 20. You can keep grinding here until lv 25. (I usually do this.)

    Lv 20~30 - It's going to be a slow and boring process here. Grind on evil eyes in Ellina until you hit lv 30. There are white and black evil eyes the further north you go, whom offer you more exp.

    Do your 2nd job quests around here.

    Lv 30~40 - Fairy Academy You'll begin this theme dungeon by pressing U / clicking the light bulb and finding it. In the map you ground on, you'll find Fanzy the cat. Talk to him and scroll through the conversation. Then go down to the bottom left of the map and enter. Proceed through the quests and you can enter the academy.

    I suggest doing EVERY quest. When you have to collect the envelopes, save up about 10~20 of them. Press and hold space as you click on them. The academy is easy enough and you won't need my help. keep holding down space as they spam you with text. Finish the quests but take up the 2 new ones, and finish them all. You'll get extra loot.

    By the time you're done, you'll have 3 new equips; cape, glove, and eye accessory. SCROLL AND STARFORCE THESE to the MAX. You'll also net like 1,000,000$ iirc

    Lv 35~50 - Gold Richies Beach - Use 'U' and get in here. Go through all the quests. Defeat the boss. Get your rewards. Scroll whatever you got.

    You'll get some $, a medal, and some earrings. Grind here until you're level 50.

    Lv 50~60 - Riena Strait - This is another theme dungeon. You'll basically be sailing back and forth between islands a half-dozen times. Remember to hold down space when you have to fish, pick up boxes, or scroll through dialogue. This will shave lots of time off the clock.

    You'll net a new medal, a face accessory, a belt, and 2,000,000. Again, Scroll and Starforce them to the max. Grind here until you're level 60.


    Lv 60~65 - Excavation Site - Move to here. Accept the quests and move to the top left. In every map around this area, always accept the billboard quests and kill all of the required mobs. Don't forget to pick up the drops for the main quest!

    Head right and rinse and repeat. Keep working until you're around lv 65.

    Lv 65~70(75) - Sleepywood - Good old sleepywood- the corrupted heart of Victoria Island.. Some of the quests wont start until like lv66~68 so just grind your heart out. The map to the immediate right of the town is a hotspot for players because of its decent layout and spawnrate, so get ready to be KS'd.

    When you're able, accept all the quests as you continue to venture deeper into the wild. The Drake hunt quests can be remotely completed for free "Q".

    Keep killing and questing and you'll hit lv70 fast.

    I always grind from Lv 70~75 in the Forbidden Altar (deepest map where a Jr Balrog spawns) as the monster EXP is great and the spawnrate is excellent and there's just a flat horizontal map, making it very easy to fight here.

    Lv 70~80; If you're not going to grind at the Balrog area.. You can warp to Orbis and screw around there for a while.. but it'll be a slow and tenuous process.

    I recommend Orbis Cats from 70~77.

    You can enter Romeo and Juliet PQ now, though. There is a specific room where everyone goes to grind for extreme EXP until the time runs out. You'll need to find a party / friends though.

    Lv 75~85; - El Nath Trek down to Ice Valley I~II and fight White Fangs until you're lv 80~85.

    Lv 80~100; If your character is strong, you can warp here early. Otherwise, get to Lv85 first. Warp to Nihal Desert.

    Lv 80~92 = Scorpions (Lv90 Mob)
    Lv 90~100 = Roids (Lv95 Mob)

    At Level 95~100, you should do Pyramid PQ if you're able. The rewards are lame though.

    If you need $, spend like $30 to get 10,000,000,000 like everyone else does. This is more than enough to fund any of your characters to end-game before they have to drain lots of mesos on top-tier gear.


    You can do MPE twice a day for free. MP is a theme world where you can enter a portal to take you to a level-ranged zone suitable to your level. You can do this from Lv 100~210+, with the EXP benefits quickly dropping the higher you are.

    As in a Lv.100 could do just 1 entry and level up, but a Lv 200 would be getting like 5% per entrance, and a Lv 249 would get like 0.001% exp.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND DOING MPE ON SUNDAY. You get 50% extra EXP and are awarded EXP coupons.

    Use Reward Points (From bossing etc) to buy tickets for 300 RP each.


    Lv 100~110 = Leafre - You can quest around here, and use the (now available) Starforce maps to get lots of exp.

    Lv 100~105(107) - SF Harpies - Grind on the Harpies and other Starforce areas of Leafre.

    Lv 105~110 - SF Dark Kents - Move on to the Dark Kents nearby.

    Lv 110~120 - Ludibrium Underworld Work further below the city to uncover the bizarre truth.

    Lv 110~115 - SF Jesters - Grind on these (Ludibrium)

    Lv 115~119 - Golden Temple Theme Dungeon- Go through here to get a mediocre hat and a decent medal.

    Lv 115~120 - SF Master Death Teddies

    Lv 120~130 - SF Vikings - Keep grinding in Ludi if you want.

    Lv 120~139 - Dimmensional Crack PQ

    Lv 120~125 - Fantasy Theme World - a relatively easy Theme Dungeon that rewards some decent loot.

    AROUND THIS TIME.. You should be strong enough to start doing Normal Zakum daily (2x) which can give you a good exp boost and a lot of Lv 110 items you can give to your toons.

    Lv 120+ - Root Abyss - Only soloable if you're high level. Waste of time.

    Lv 130~145 - SF Coolies - You can grind on the coolies for a long time if you're patient.

    Lv 130~135 - Crimsonheart Castle - This Theme Park can carry you for a few levels and reward you another cool medal and some mastery books.

    Lv 130~150 - Lord Pirate - A simple enough PQ. The area around here is good for grinding too.

    Lv 130~145(150) - SF Dark Wyverns - Grind on these for a while. If you're strong as hell.. Move on to:

    Lv 140~150 - Commerci Republic - This is a theme dungeon where you can get some decent loot. Do it fgt

    Lv 145~150 - Shaolin Temple - This area is a good place to train in your 140-150s. However, the temple itsself is a tedius jump challenge. Worth it for the Totem that can give u a lot of extra damage in the long run.

    Lv 140~250 - Dimension Invasion - DO THIS DAILY IF YOU CAN.

    This PQ is easy as hell if you're strong enough to solo it. You'll need excellent mobbing skills though. You'll get a good amount of EXP at lower levels, but only 0.20%~5% at high (170+) levels. You'll collect glove pieces which can form to create Dimension Gloves which sell for 5,000,000 raw and are some of the better gloves to have.

    ACCESS TO TEMPLE OF TIME - You can now fight through TOT from 140~170. You'll need to do ALL of the quests in order to fight Pink Bean. This is an alright place to train. You'll want to do this anyways so you can reach the SF areas.

    Lv 150~155(160) - SF Skelesaurus - These behemoths reward a massive amount of EXP and could hypothetically be grinded on up to Lv 200 depending on your patience.

    Lv 150~163 - Stone Colossus - Another Theme Dungeon where you can train for a while. Pain in the ass to complete though, like the Mushroom Kingdom and Dojo **** from lv140.

    Lv 160~200 - Henesys Ruins - Do this entire zone to slowly (but surely) make it to 200.

    Lv 160~170 - SF Oblivion 4 - Grind on these tanks of armor to make it up the ranks. If you're OP it'll be quick as f--k.

    Lv 170~180 - Knight Stronghold - Fight through here. The Star Force maps will require at least 120. 150+ If you want to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

    Lv 175~190 - Armory 1/2 - Only recommended if your gear is godlike.

    Lv 175 ~ 185 - Knight District 2~4 - You can level up once every hour if you utilize the right tools.

    Lv 180 ~ 190 - Hall of Honor - An alright place to train. When the burning xp bonus dies off, move to another map nearby. AVOID the archers and mages.

    Lv 185 ~ 190 - Future Perion Stumps - Go north from the ruined henesys. Grind on these beasts for a while but beware their high damage.

    Lv 190 ~ 195 - Iron Masks - Even deadlier. Be very careful!

    Lv 194 ~ 200+ - Warrior Grounds - These golems are MONSTERS. You better be prepared.

    If you make it to Lv200+, you're joining an elite club. You've shown that you're dedicated to the game. Consider this the equivalent of hitting Lv70 in 2005. You have no life and here's the proof.

    There's a lot of new lv200+ content that only a small amount of players will experience. If you want to survive from here on out, you're going to need to pay to win. You will need the absolute best equipment in every slot, meaning that you'll be spending up to $150.00 on your character to be at the top.

    NOW is the time to be in a party.

    The EXP curve goes INSANE now. Expect to spend 2x ~ 650x more time to level up.

    You'll NEED to have access to all of the bosses and do as many of them as you can take on, and on a daily basis.

    Continue to do Monster Park up at least twice a day.

    Expect to get only 0.0001% exp / monster.
    Expect to only get 0.5% to 30% exp / day.
    Expect to drain hundreds of billions of mesos.
    Expect to spend ****loads of $ on 2x exp coupons
    5th job, mofos!

    Lv 200~220 - Dark World Tree

    Lv 200 ~ 250 - Arcane River - Vanishing Journey - COMPLETE 5TH JOB FIRST! You'll need Arcane Force in this zone.

    Lv 210 ~ 250 - Chew Chew Island - You need to be Lv 210 to get in.

    Lv 220 ~ 250 - Lacheln Clock Tower - An even tougher place to fight through. But you get a lot more exp. You'll need to finish the previous zone's questlines.

    Lv 220 ~ 250 - Hidden Maps - EXTREME exp, but the mobs here have 500 mill each, so you want to be one of the top players around. 9 of these maps exist. They're insane to kill considering the enemies are all mini pink beans kek.

    It's possible to get from lv 1 to 200 in a matter of days (or even less) if you know what you're doing. You will need a lot of free time and to have a Bishop and Kanna with you at all times. You will need 2x EXP / 2x Quest EXP coupons out the ass. Grind and quest like crazy and do as many PQs as you can.


    ^ Thanks to these people.
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    PROTIP: January 2017 is allowing you to create a burning character. You can also get a lot of cool stuff. Now's the time to grind if you're going to play.
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    what level are you now
    viva la nagato yuki

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    Great guide up to lv150, but spending real money? I think not. I can't even afford my real life, let alone blow 150 on a game.. >_> I'll just get cubes and scrolls from events and hard work, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessEvan View Post
    Great guide up to lv150, but spending real money? I think not. I can't even afford my real life, let alone blow 150 on a game.. >_> I'll just get cubes and scrolls from events and hard work, thanks!
    I also never thought in spending money just for playing a game, I love reaching new levels with hardwork.

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    There's a lot of new lv200+ content that only a small amount of players will experience.

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