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    Icon13 Phantasy Star Online 2

    PSO2 is a F2P action MMO that reaches Devil May Cry levels of cuh-razee. It is only available in Japan, with no plans of an international release, however it doesn't require a VPN to play, has an English translation, and has tons of active English speaking players on a specific server.

    The website has all the resources you need to make an account and start playing. Including the PSO2 Tweaker which handles patching the game, changing game settings, and uploading English patches as they release.

    Fair warning: Creating an account is as simple as it is here, but with one caveat: The Hiragana Captcha Boss. English Captchas can already be annoying. A Captcha in Japanese Moonrunes is even worse if you're not familiar with them.

    Once that's done and everything is downloaded and patched you can jump into the highly detailed character creator, make your waifu/ husbando/ sex robot, and get started.

    The races are Humans, Knife-Ears, Robutts, and Semen Demons

    The classes are:
    Hunter - Stock Guts warrior type. Big swords and axes and/ or wired lances (Think God of War)
    Fighter - Berserker-esque. Swallows, and Fist weapons.
    Bouncer - Bruce_Lee.png Uses Jet Boots and Dual Swords. Except Jet Boots are magic-based so you can be an arcane warrior of sorts.

    Ranger - Assault Rifles and Rocket Launchers. Rifles can shoot grenades and lace targets for satellite strikes.
    Gunner - OG prankster gangster. Uses dual TMPs and never touches the ground.
    Braver - Really belongs up in Melee since they use Katanas. They also have Bullet Bows however are very difficult to use to just be at least on par with everyone else.

    Magic Tech:
    Force - Specializes in offensive magic
    Techer - Specializes in support and defensive magic
    Summoner - Specializes in being a ****ter using pets to do their bidding. Each pet has a different move set.

    Probably some weapons I missed, like spears. Every class can use gunblades.

    Coming Soon:
    Hero - All of the above. Will require a lvl 75 melee class, 75 ranged class, and 75 tech class.

    Every class, except Hero, can have another class as its subclass. Some features or abilities may not be available to a subclass, but it still allows you to customize your build even more. You can also change your class and subclass (when you unlock the feature) anytime you please and start leveling that instead. Just like FF14.

    However you get three character slots and it is advised you use utilize one for each type of character. I.E. this character will master all the Melee classes. The reason being is that you cannot easily change or fix your Mag for free.*

    I was going to link a basic gameplay video, but they're all ****, so here's a Fighter/ Hunter killing **** with style.

    Here's another one, but with a Katana Braver in a large party/ raid setting.

    Unlike other MMOs you don't need to be max level to do content like that. They have level brackets for those sorts of things.

    You might be wondering now how such a cool game is F2P. That is because free users have some restrictions put on them.

    They cannot list items on the Player Shop. The game's equivalent of WoW's Auction House. Not such a big deal since you can take quests from an NPC once per week to earn plenty of cash.

    They also have limited Housing Options. You get your own room to customize with all sorts of ****, but have limited agency over it. Only premium members have carte blanche over their rooms. However you can earn a 3 day pass from the FUN* scratch to change it as you please.

    There's more, but it's nothing that is absolutely necessary or seriously hindering. You can play this game for years, not drop a dime on it, and be just as competitive as anyone else.

    **FUN points are awarded for playing with other people, sending them Good Jobs, liking their fashion, reviving them when they get gibbed, etc. They are used to buy emotes and stuff as well as scratch off tickets that have some premium stuff.

    *A Mag is a little robot that hovers over your shoulder sometimes casting something useful and has an ultimate OSHT button, but it's mainly a giant stat stick. It is one of the only things you can do to screw up your character. It isn't complicated however. Cirnopedia is no longer updated, but this page is very concise about how to feed your Mag. The only thing I would add is that Jet Boots increase Tech Attack, and most candy decreases Dex while increasing T-Atk. I will also say that you only want a Mag that is strictly S-Atk, R-Atk, or T-Atk and nothing else. Some people like pure Dex, most don't. No one advocates for raising a defensive mag.
    This is really what your three character slots will go towards; having a Mag for each of the three damage types.
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    p2w garbage... i played to like level 5 or 10 or so (in some city levels) then i got bored at waiting for my mining and fishing to recharge

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    which class do i play if i want easy and loli
    viva la nagato yuki

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    Ah, the good old days of PSO2.

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    Nice n enjoyable game. I also discover Clash of Lords Guild Castle and it turns out one of the best game I played so far.
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