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    Ticket2 Kaglover1

    Don't fret about it james that's how most people are. And when I came here I got flamed by SB and I didn't even do anything....

    Sayo passed the censors, and dare I say it


    Quote Originally Posted by Rook View Post
    email I have a job and am weird as ****. Some shopped photo isn't gonna end your life.
    Exactly employers will not just go to HS and browse its contents. On social network sites they will. Facebook, Twitter.....

    Quote Originally Posted by rasudoken View Post
    The problem is that the unflattering picture was posted on his Facebook wall.
    Couldn't sam just delete it. Stupid idiotic Jon made a facebook page on me. Remember? No matter what I say he would always dodge it, and come out with random crap. His brother is no help either. And Jon also made another page about me somewhere else =.=

    Your 4 years of high school is there to bond with the students/teachers in the school. Well that's how I took it before I left the high school life.

    Okcupid you know anything about that? Of course you do

    Quote Originally Posted by White Mage Abyss View Post
    I punched my computer.

    I know I shouldn't, I know it's wrong, but I did.
    Did you have cuts/scrapes on your fist?

    I don't get how this is any of your business of whether I'm retarded or not but however I was referring to ithrow4luk

    You're terrible Dave, now I'm going to cry ;-;

    Quote Originally Posted by FailFTW View Post
    You've manage to survive 20 years on this goddamn planet and you don't have any idea how much nutrition eggs provide?

    Part 2: Eggs are an animal product, vegans wouldn't even eat eggs.
    Would you stop quoting me in the wrong thread? Seriously

    Quote Originally Posted by ClericLordLeo View Post
    I'm pretty sure Samlee once said he wanted to go to Korea to teach English.
    He's busy playing maple, why should he?

    Quote Originally Posted by ClericLordLeo View Post
    He needs the money for nx
    I believe Email has a job already

    Quote Originally Posted by ClericLordLeo View Post
    He needs even more money
    Well I guess he'll just steal money from his parent's bank account. Joking :P

    He has an account, well I think he does

    We have three empty house threads like these so farewell I guess

    Quote Originally Posted by FailFTW View Post a transgender. Figured I'd tell all of you now that I'm out to my sister and cousin.

    Hopefully I'll figure out some way to tell my parents so I can get on with my life. Still kicking myself for not doing this in high school or something.

    So yeah. Thanks WMA for all the encouragement.
    **** you bulma for making this harder.
    Damn you mesniac for being onto me.
    Actually I know a person too who is transgender, bulma too I think (cross dresser) so don't be too worried about it cliff

    Quote Originally Posted by ithrow4luk View Post
    you are so clueless lmao
    im being nice, not like you can ever be.
    Even I know what transgender is @fail just look on the bright side of things

    If there was a report button I would surely report you

    Be glad it isn't permanent is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by ClericLordLeo View Post
    what i like to do is go to the chinese buffet and just smash down all the food into my stomach
    That's what buffet do eat and a stomach-ache for the entire day.

    Star points take too slow to obtain and reward points- well so so.

    Quote Originally Posted by FailFTW View Post
    Run your bosses every day.

    Here's a list of bosses you can do based on the last time we saw your damage range:

    Zakum normal and chaos: 100
    Horntail normal: 50
    Gollux (easy): 50
    All four RA bosses (You need two people so bring someone to carry you): 200
    Hilla: 50
    Hard Hilla (Need two people, if you have a 1m range friend to solo for you): 50
    VL: 50
    Normal Ranmaru: 50

    That's 600 RP every day.
    also computer can't run boss runs therefore I don't do bosses

    Wow what a coincident! I'm taking an Economics course right now

    Not contributing to this thread, wish I can take my vote out

    You should really shorten your paragraphs, no one has time to read your 'supposed' story.

    Quote Originally Posted by kholdstare62 View Post
    did u fail elementary school or something
    No... I'm in my 2nd year of university
    Last edited by Tesiqurasa; 19th June 2019 at 05:19 AM. Reason: CLL needed me to

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    And I wonder why wasn't Mike there

    Quote Originally Posted by ithrow4luk View Post
    He is in the hospital...he has to be put in terminal care
    Seems odd because he was online on HS today

    I saw your profile earlier and yes, you were online

    Quote Originally Posted by Omar Ranger View Post
    That's called stalking.
    Jon said tesi is in the hospital, I want to make sure so checked the last time he logged. Therefore I don't stalk people for absolutely no reason

    Hope you have an amazing one :)


    Happy Birthday Casey! Hope it's the best birthday you'll have =^.^=

    Quote Originally Posted by Watashi View Post
    come to seattle.
    Quote Originally Posted by ClericLordLeo View Post
    the hype is real woooo yeaaaaa
    Quote Originally Posted by Omar Ranger View Post
    Because besides Samlee the Manlee the rest of them already live there.
    Quote Originally Posted by BarelyAwake View Post
    awkward. why would you meet in nebraska
    In my assumption Watashi lives in Seattle, CLL idk, but definitely not from Nebraska, BarelyAwake from Britain, and Omar I don't see you in the picture so every HS member live in Nebraska is false

    I forgot I had the first Clay Aiken CD. Oh the memories.. too bad he is gaie

    Quote Originally Posted by rasudoken View Post
    Why is it too bad that he's gay?
    Well before he competed for 2nd place in American Idol, it is hard to believe that he was a kindergarten teacher, because when I first saw him on television, I wondered how can a person like him be gay?

    What if I don’t want my character’s name changed to numerals?If you have an account that is currently inactive, you need to login to the account before Thursday, October 15. This way your account will no longer be considered inactive, and your character names will not be changed.

    How do you like to be ignored

    Downloading music now is sorta illegal, planning to buy an iTunes card and purchase some music. I am not going to download some crappy youtube music on my ipod

    Probably any mods who never come here and working behind the scene.

    You thought that this will never happen well it did! Internet Explorer now downloads faster than Google Chrome

    Wow half a year later the thank you come

    I have a different taste of music now

    The Korean Superstar- I think Korean guys are sexy with one lidded eyes.. wat o.o

    Rain doesn't speak mandarin (not the fruit) very well. Can hear his faults

    But I was born on April fools what joke is that?

    Happy Birthday Rook!

    I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher but I remembered I hate to talk in front of people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mesniac View Post
    the ninja shoes


    the shark

    Finally a picture of you. Although you don't look as girly as most girls do

    Quote Originally Posted by Omar Ranger View Post
    I am incredibly self conscious about my fat fingers.
    Post of the year, congratulations Omar ;-;

    Never knew Justin Timberlake's voice is still sexy as hell o.o
    Last edited by Tesiqurasa; 19th June 2019 at 05:49 AM.

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    accidentally deleted everything so bump


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    what is this discord light theme blasphemy

    213 181 178 166 165 164 162 152 147 135 134 130 125 123 123 120 120 104 100 100

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    Fun City.


    This thread is dumb

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