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Thread: What do you know about stock trading?

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    Default What do you know about stock trading?

    What do you know about stock trading?

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    I know that in order to be successful in trading and become a successful trader, you must learn to use only your strengths in your work and develop the habit of “not including” the weak. In addition, you must always be ready for adaptation in the market, since the market is volatile and constantly there are movements and changes that a successful trader needs to notice in time.

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    Over the past few years, the return on AI investment strategy has been around 30% per annum. Such data are provided by analysts who evaluated the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the financial market. All this once again proves to us that AI technology is a very powerful modern tool for trading. Find out more at and draw your conclusions

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    Stock trading involves buying and selling stocks for a profit

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelerpit View Post
    Stock trading involves buying and selling stocks for a profit
    Has anyone ever told you that you are a genius?

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    Exchange trading requires special knowledge, experience and skills. Beautiful picture advertising is not the whole reality. But those who have mastered the principles of stock trading get a good profit

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    Sharing this with all people you actually know what you are talking about approximately.

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    And yet, if you have the experience or desire to be a trader then I think you need to do what you want. Learn about modern trading practices. Use social media to get your attention from customers. You can create your blog and talk about yourself and the benefits of trading

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