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Thread: How do you feel about pets?

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    Default How do you feel about pets?

    How do you feel about pets? How many pets do you have? Are you not difficult to cope with them?

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    I have a cat Evalan. She is 5 years old. In principle, I have no problems with her.

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    I also heard that there are practically no problems with cats, hamsters and fish. And lately I’ve been thinking about taking a cat. I just have to decide on the breed.

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    I treat pets very well. Especially for cats. I have a cat. Breed Bombay cat . Cats can bring meaning to our lives. Children, caring for a fluffy pet, learn what responsibility for their neighbor is.The Bombay cat gets along with people who lead an active lifestyle, and usually gets along well with all family members. The Bombay cat combines the characteristics of two cats - the complaisant nature and good health of the American Shorthair with the outgoing, curious and affectionate Burmese disposition. Cats of this breed are very active and show interest in everything that happens around. Bombay cats are very sociable and do not like to be alone. However, if you are away from home most of the day, you should get a cat of a different breed. Bombay cat does not like to be left alone.

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    having a pet improves the quality of a person's life, it may decrease stress and anxiety.

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    Not sure about other pets but having a pet dog is like having someone that will never leave you no matter like a family(as long as you take care and love him/her).

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    I have a dog

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    I love cats very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by tally View Post
    I love cats very much
    I have 12 cats

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    Unfortunately, because of my work, I don't often go home and I can't afford to get a pet like I would like a dog, ideally a Labrador, but I got various beautiful fish in the aquarium for myself, but I couldn't even think that there could be problems with them, the goldfish had constipation and now I have to treat constipation in bettas.

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