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    Our company will undergo ISO by the end of October and this means a lot of work. I've been working overtime for the past couple of weeks because of this. How i wish that we do not have to manually track anything else. It would be great if the inventory will be automatically allocated and tracked by transactions based on our sales, purchasing, and manufacturing events.

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    what i like to do is go to the chinese buffet and just smash down all the food into my stomach

    so then afterwards i feel the food comma and it really increases my glycogen levels which makes me calm

    if you do that before work you will name this thread calm at work

    try it it real works

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    Is this the start of an infomercial
    viva la nagato yuki

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesniac View Post
    Is this the start of an infomercial
    There has to be a better way!

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    don't worry bro i just invested like eight bucks into your company. that should prevent it from going under
    good luck

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    Any stress can relieve meditation. Try breathing exercises

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    Hey y’all, send me some good vibes please. i just had an amazing job interview and will hear back about the outcome next week! i hope to hear "yes" because i was preparing to tell me about yourself

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