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Thread: Which flea collar is better for a cat?

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    Default Which flea collar is better for a cat?

    Which flea collar is better for a cat?

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    You need to buy a flea collar for cats, as well as other pet care products, in large online stores and veterinary pharmacies that value their reputation. This will reduce the risk of getting defective goods or fakes.

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    When choosing a cat collar, be sure to pay attention to the size indicated on the package. Usually it is universal, about 30 cm, but if the package says "for kittens", the collar may be a little short for an adult cat.

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    Of all the antiparasitic drugs, the special collar against fleas and ticks for cats was able to win the greatest fame in use - it is convenient and simple, and with the right choice it is effective and safe for the animal. The principle of operation of the antiparasitic collar is no different from drops, sprays and shampoos of a similar purpose, the process of scaring away fleas, gnats and ticks occurs with the help of insecticidal poisons, on the basis of which all the means against parasites are created. The insecticide, which is impregnated with the collar, exudes a special smell that repels fleas and ticks, and this "aroma" simply destroys the parasites that already live on the animal’s coat, creating an invisible protection shell. You can read the article 2020 Best Cats Flea Collar and Ultimate Buying Guide and make your choice.

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    size is really important

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    I usually use Hartz UltraGuard Flea. Found it several times on . I have two kitties and never had problems before. But it depends if you find this one in your region. Or maybe you could order it in an online shop. Besides a good drug, you need to know about the dose and place to put it. Make sure to ask at the pharmacy how much do you need for the age of your cat. It is very important not to put more than that. Also, I put it always on the top of the head and on the backbone. Like this, the can won't lick it and it will work. But if you have more animals, you need to separate them for at least one day. Otherwise, they will lick it all.
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    Any collar will be good in a veterinary pharmacy. You can safely take it there.

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