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Thread: Do you trust credit organizations?

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    Default Do you trust credit organizations?

    Do you trust credit organizations?

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    at this time I need money and want to take out a loan

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    I never take loans because there may be problems with payments. When I recently needed money, I withdrawn the earned satoshi using the exchange bitcoin to paypal and I was able to solve my financial problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by osteris View Post
    Do you trust credit organizations?
    "a sort of"

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    I very rarely take out loans. My loans are only for buying a house or a car.

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    In the run-up to the Christmas holidays and the choice of gifts, many people think about where to get the money. Loans are risky. You'll have to give more money than you took.
    And I'm looking for different options for earning part-time work that I would have more money. I even play in casinos and get winnings. It's a great pay raise.

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    If you take out credit cards to pay off another credit card, you are good to go

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    There are loans with 0% interest using credit cards, so when I see one that I need/want, my credit card is always ready to get swipe.

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