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Thread: How to save a video from youtube ?

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    Default How to save a video from youtube ?

    How to save a video from youtube ?

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    You can keep links to videos and watch it whenever you want. But there is a risk. The author of the video can delete it

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    I sometimes make a recording from the screen of my smartphone when I watch a video. There are some very funny videos I want to share with my friends

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    I like to watch video clips on youtube. There are always amazing new things that impress with their production

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    There is still a special converter to save with youtube video or music. I use convert youtube 2conv
    For me it is the easiest converter and the safest. When downloaded, malicious software does not enter my computer. The quality of the downloaded file is excellent

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    If you have a smartphone, you can record it while playing your youtube video. There are recording apps available in playstore etc. And some smartphones now has it's own built in recording system.

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