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Thread: Is it worth to play Maplestory today?

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    True that. I'd rather spend my money on some NFT game these days. Man, they are booming!

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    What's nft?

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    He probably meant NFS!

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    This game has its own advantages and interesting aspects. I am sure it is important for such a game to find some moments that will give birth again to your passion and great interest. For me, such a role is played by the methods that offer play to earn. This has to do with cryptocurrency, blockchain and nft. That's why this direction is highly dependent on your participation.

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    I have the same question since I stopped playing this game a few months ago. Instead, I started ********, and I can't say I regret it because it was really interesting. I used to go to and place bets whenever I wanted to make a game even more thrilling, and it was my favorite way to spend free time. But now I want to get back into Maplestory, and I wonder if it's worth it.

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    Today I play Maplestory periodically. Everyone chooses to play or not depending on their love for Maplestory.

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