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Thread: How do you plan your travels?

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    Default How do you plan your travels?

    Spontaneity is cool. Hot tours, throwing darts into the map: where you get - there and go. But in our stable comfortable reality this happens very rarely. Maybe it is right, because your own safety, well-being and comfort almost determine whether you like to travel at all or not.

    So before you go, you need to seriously think and think through all the moments of your journey, starting with where we will go and whom to take with us, and ending with how we will put our luggage and what applications to swing.

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    I prefer to plan my travels. I don't like surprises in a foreign country especially

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    I don't always plan trips. Some of my trips are spontaneous. But still, it's cool that I can do it.

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    Plan the destination
    Book accommodation

    The choice of accommodation is a very important thing for me.
    For me, it is important not only the bed, but also the area where the hotel is located, the atmosphere, service and additional services. I trust the choice of hotel with HotelFriend. On the website you can find out more, find and book hotels. I was recently in ore mountains. It was amazing.
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    hotelfriend is great

    I only lost one kidney at one of the hotels it recommended, but i got a free ice bath

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    I always plan my travels with a friend who would join me. I never went solo, outside world can be very scary.

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