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    Which is the best HR software for startups?

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    This one software which we name HRM software is need of every business.
    HRM is essential to make office work easy, seemless, and error free.
    now a days so many options are available for HRM.
    ZOHO, BITRIX24, SAMPLEX24 are some good options.
    anyone can check and take demo for these software.
    i am already using samplex24
    and i have experience the difference in working and this software makes office work very easy.
    it has all features like, attendance, payroll, employee management, project management ad every feature which we need in our office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy67 View Post
    Which is the best HR software for startups?
    Hey, I guess that the main thing with HR software is uninterrupted operation and simplicity. You see, we provide services for the repair, so at one time I wrote everything down on paper, but when we increased the number of clients and, accordingly, employees, I also began to think about good software with the possibility of remote control. Recently I`ve found BrainyHR software I have been using it for about a year and are completely satisfied with the functionality and efficiency of this application. The developers of BrainyHR have taken into account every detail. So, you definitely need to give it a try

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