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    Is it a worthy idea to get a gaming PC or xbox one x would be a better option? I see that the PC will cost about twice more but will it give me a better gaming experience? And just FYI, I don't consider PS4 as an option because of the Microsoft GamePass which seems to be a really good deal

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    If you're into MMORPG games available only on PC then it would be the best choice. TBH, PC is better overall, because it's not only used for gaming, with the crisis today, the majority of jobs available are turning into work from home, so I bet you need a PC to do the job.

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    The games are different and the requirements are different. For example, for Destiny 2 you will need a 2GB video card, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7850.
    OS Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
    I also recommend that you study the video review of the game so that you completely immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the game. You can use the Destiny 2 boosting service . This will help you quickly get used to the game. Playing as a team with gamers is a cool experience

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    Well, if you're mainly playing competitive titles like Dota 2, you don't need a powerful PC to have a good experience. If you navigate to you'll see that most pro players use minimal settings anyway. Of course, if you're a fan of modern AAA titles you will have to splurge for some serious hardware.

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    Imo you should think about getting a PC because it has way more usage than Xbox, even if you're planning to use it mostly for games. It's definitely worth it, and I don't regret picking it myself. Even though I only play Slots now, I use to play many video games, and my PC managed to provide me the best gaming experience.

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    As for me, I'll get a PC because it's "maintanance" worths less, for XBOX/PS you need to pay for multiplayer and games worths more. You can buy a good PC and forgot about upgrade for 4/5 years and only pay for games.

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    If I were you, I would definitely invest money in a PC because it's way more used than any Xbox, and you won't regret it anyway. I made this decision, and I'm happy about it because I stopped playing games a few months ago, except for the cherrybonuses ones, but I still use a PC, and I'm glad I didn't buy an Xbox because it would just collect dust.

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    Man, don't even hesitate and get a gaming PC because the gaming experience will be way better. I have an Xbox, but I don't even use it because I prefer playing csgo on my computer. And I don't want to look for alternatives on Xbox since I don't want to lose the opportunity to sell csgo skins for cash, so my Xbox will just collect dust.

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    When I was choosing a PC for gaming, I was advised in the store excellent DELL, which is powerful enough to perform serious tasks. I have been using it for seven years, and so far, it has not had any failures in operation even though I have run heavy games on it, which weigh a lot and consume a lot of traffic. I don't care because my PC is quite powerful. I'm currently playing Minecraft using It does not bother me, and there are no bugs, so I advise you to take this option as suitable for your games as well.

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