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    Please, share your opinions about Expert Advisors in Forex. Is it a scam?

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    The word you used “Forex EA” it's a general term. If only you had specified the name of EA I could help better. There are legit and not legit EA in the Forex market. Choosing those with better reviews is advised but still it doesn't guarantee profits as market can change any time.

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    Well, to be honest Im not sure whether every advisor is a scam. More likely there are some reliable among them. The most difficult is to find reliable one. There are lots of brokerages out there and it depends on what brokerages your platforms are integrated with, what indices and exchanges you are looking to trade within, and how much you are willing to pay in commissions and fees. I have been working with this expert advisor forex a couple of years already and they offer a variety depending on the needs of traders. Best advice, do as much research as you can.

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