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    In which countries gestational surrogacy and egg donation are legally provided for single males?

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    In what country it is illegal? My country which is Philippines doesn't have any law against that. I guess the church would consider it immoral but that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstBorn View Post
    In which countries gestational surrogacy and egg donation are legally provided for single males?
    Hi there, please mind the following: first of all please don`t do that without some qualified help. You see, such a therapy can be rather dangerous and the process itself can be unpredictable. My cousin used to apply to that gestational surrogacy and says it was really helpful. Most of their patients are on the same boots as you are and it is always better to be under the control of some experts. Their specialists will definitely make the process easier and relaxing. Simply give them a try.

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    Thank's for this informations

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    Thank you for sharing your story. If we are talking about surrogacy, then this is a very complex issue that requires a lot of attention and discussion. I am studying at university now and am interested in gender and female reproductive issues. More and more often I hear similar stories lately, and this inspired me at the university to start researching the issue of abortion. There is a lot of discussion about whether it is moral or immoral to have abortions for young girls in various situations. On the site I found very interesting and constructive essays that relate to abortion, I recommend that you read them. About 56 million abortions occur worldwide every year. Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy, usually in the first 28 weeks. The most common abortion is surgical. Are you for or against abortion?
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