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Thread: How do you deal with anxiety or loneliness?

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    Training in the gym helps me a lot. It also helps me that I regularly go to a psychotherapist and take some medications that help me to protect myself from stress, anxiety and feelings of loneliness. It also helps me to focus on my goals, including goals in training and career. At the moment I am writing theses that relate to behavioral economics and I need to be as focused as possible in order to perform it as efficiently as possible. While working on theses, I use the abstract generator which helps me generate ideas.
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    I spend years battling anxiety and depression. Got worse as I get older. Then for another related cause I got some bloodwork done and it showed my vitamin D levels were very very low. Got that sorted and now take vitamin D tabs daily. It's almost completely gone. It was a physiological issue all along.

    Keep things that make you happy around. Reminiscing is a huge help if I'm in an attack, looking at old pictures or letter from before I had anxiety problems. Also try - my favs are flippy chain and infinity cube.
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    Just create a list of your problems, prioritize them, and solve one by one. Don't play a victim.

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    I just deal with the pain

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    I am not a doctor, but I am aware of how difficult it is to find antidepressants that have no negative effects and are not addictive. This is a long journey and joint therapy with your therapist. I chose the simpler option. I started taking VidaCap. It soothes perfectly and has no side effects on the psyche and internal organs.

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    Yeah, the CBD industry is on the rise now, seems like it's the best thing since penicillin for treating various health conditions. A lot of scams have popped up, however, so you should be careful in order to buy Best CBD products. The cleaner the oil, the better it's medical effects, so it's in your best interest to stick to companies that have a good reputation, like Aifory. Health is no joke, so I advise everyone to take it seriously.

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