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Thread: Web & Mobile Development Outsourcing Risks

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    Web design for mobile apps has the same functionality as when you create website pages. I used the second option because it was more accessible and convenient for me. That's why is a very interesting option for more professional web design development. I think there are prospects in this as there is always a lot of competition in this industry that has more skills. To be like a pro, need to use all possible options for a clearer and better design.

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    I still have no idea whether it's better to hire a developer or work with an outsourcing company since I have a small startup.

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    In that case, I believe it's better for you to work with a company because you won't have to spend a fortune on your own developer, and since you have just a small startup, I doubt that your funding can take it. Just check out companies like, rely on the reviews, and I'm pretty sure you won't have any problems with the final product.

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    You may start by outsourcing some small task or a web project of a smaller scope (MVP). In general, this is a good approach to outsource web development services. This way helps you to check the company's capabilities and try the web outsourcing process in a real situation.

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