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Thread: How does website speed affect customer traffic?

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    Default How does website speed affect customer traffic?

    How does website speed affect customer traffic?

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    The faster the website, the worse off you are because people will leave too fast

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    Internet users do not like sites that take a long time to open, sites on which you need to wait a long time to move from page to another page.
    To check the performance of the site, test a specific page of the site here - for speed and get suggestions on how to improve it using this service
    remember that a website is a smart card for Internet users. Therefore, your site must be perfect.

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    If you would like to increase traffic on your website - Post blogs on blog sites that you know and dare to stand for. Conversely, as a blogging website, you don't publish blogs by authors you don't personally know or dare to personally represent. Use Google Authorship and Publisher markup. Do not send bulk messages with guest blog suggestions. Only publish posts on high-quality guest blogs such as

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    Download speeds can affect the performance of a website because if the speed is slow, then the webpage will take a lot of time to download and display the html documents and files. ... The advantages of having a high download speed enables users to access web pages and surf the internet quickly.

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