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Thread: How often is laryngeal cancer diagnosed?

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    Default How often is laryngeal cancer diagnosed?

    How often is laryngeal cancer diagnosed?

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    The larynx and hypopharynx are deeply located, so the diagnosis presents certain difficulties. Using a special instrument, which is a flexible thin tube with an illuminator, carefully examine the nasal cavity, larynx and larynx. If a suspicious lesion or tumor is detected, a biopsy is performed (taking a piece of tissue for examination).

    Computed tomography (CT) makes it possible to determine the size of the tumor and its spread to the lymph nodes and surrounding tissues.

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    In most cases, throat cancer affects smokers. Thus, smoking cigarettes and pipe tobacco, as well as alcohol abuse, are considered the most important risk factors for the development of laryngeal cancer. Most often, this malignant tumor occurs in men. Laryngeal cancer usually develops between the ages of 50 and 70. Moreover, the peak incidence falls on 64-66 years.

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    I tried smoking once, and I went out of breath just after I breathe it in. Never tried again.

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