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Thread: What foods are prohibited for diabetics?

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    Default What foods are prohibited for diabetics?

    What foods are prohibited for diabetics?

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    I know to exclude fried foods, foods high in fat and fast carbohydrates from the menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by savarr View Post
    What foods are prohibited for diabetics?
    Establishing a healthy lifestyle and sticking to the diabetic grocery list are only some aspects of managing diabetes. You can find the Diabetes-Friendly Grocery List on the All American Home Care website
    Stick to your diet and control your sugar levels. This is important for health.

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    Wait, before I give an answer, what type of diabetes are you asking about? Type 1 and 2 are two very different things and they both have their own diet.

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    I think this question should be asked to the attending physician. In general, this question should be asked by qualified specialists, and best of all by the doctors who treat you. If we are talking about weight loss, I would advise you to read various scientific information and make a list of foods that should not be consumed. On the site you can find very interesting information about weight loss, different types of hormones, dietary habits and much more.
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    Sugary beverages are the worst drink choice for someone with diabetes.

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    Actually sure is the worst thing for everybody. But if you want to lose some weight, you should pay attention to

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