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Thread: What foods are prohibited for diabetics?

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    I suppose that most of the things that have too much sugar because they are harmful to the body is a problem for them to take these kinds of things now to my mother I am giving her a medicine that is a nutritional supplement from this website here for that I can say that they should take all their vitamins and minerals.

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    To be honest, I do not know the answer to this question. But I know what can help with poor digestion, since I experienced problems of this kind not so long ago. I tried many different medications and nothing could help me. Then I found Bio X4 formula, where I read information about one good medicine that eventually could help me solve my digestive problem.

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    I thought that diabetics should just control their sugar levels, and in general, they're allowed to eat everything.

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    You're right, diabetics can eat whatever they want, but there's a list of products that can be considered as the worst choices for them. I was amazed when my diabetic friend told me that, and he even took CBN Oil at that time, so I was shocked that he could do that without any problems in the future.

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