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Thread: Do you like playing computer games?

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    Default Do you like playing computer games?

    Do you like playing computer games?

    How did you choose the game?

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    Depending on my preference. I'm only for MMORPG with really good graphics and gameplay mechanics such as Black Desert Online.

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    I'm a WoW Classic fan. This is a game that attracts more and more vimania and it never gets boring. WoW Classic is always about drive and emotions and battles.
    I recently joined the game. But with the help of the WoW Classic leveling boost, I quickly got used to the game and got a lot of skills.

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    I like DotA 2. This game is like a good chess game in which it was decided to invite all of your "friends" to cruelly harass and torture the other team. This is a super game for the development of logic and strategy. But this is a game that can be profitable. I place bets at VulkanBet on DotA 2. Here you can find detailed information about the game and the types of bets

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    I like Flash games.
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    Yes, I love playing computer games.

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    Yes, computer games are part of my life. Besides that, I also create isometric game assets for mobile games. Here is a small part of assets portfolio:

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