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Thread: What games do you like the most?

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    Default What games do you like the most?

    What games do you like the most?

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    I'm a World of Warcraft fan. I recently joined the game. At first it was very difficult to pump the game and raise your level. But the pros at Legionfarm helped me out. Their Boosting service helped me get my gaming skills quickly and learn the game's features

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    If given a chance to play it again with my friends, I'll definitely play it. Allods online

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    Boosting is a sham
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    Quote Originally Posted by masterchocobo View Post
    Boosting is a sham
    Haha. well, every online game has one that always asks for a boost.

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    Games are time consuming)

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    I like it too. Here's World of Warcraft. It never ceases to amaze. I was impressed with Torghast. It seemed unrealistic to go through everything. The boosting in WoW Leprestore helped me.
    In Torghast, you can get a lot of anima powers, which allow you to gain previously unknown opportunities that help in passing difficult trials and defeating the powerful opponents of this evil place.
    It is unrealistic to find yourself twice in the same situation. But it was cool and mega interesting.

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