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Thread: How do I monitor the performance of your employees in the office?

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    Default How do I monitor the performance of your employees in the office?

    Our office, like most, is a computer job. How do I monitor the performance of your employees in the office? Is it normal if I look into the monitor for monitoring?

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    Employees need to understand the responsibility of their work

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    Unfortunately, there are employees who have decided to devote more time to unrelated issues. We had an employee in our office who spent a lot of time playing games and conducted personal correspondence on social networks.
    This became apparent with the help of computer monitoring software
    Refog Employee Monitor successfully accomplishes this goal by constantly monitoring your employee's working environment - their computers.

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    Watch employees work. One of the most effective ways to monitor an employee's performance is with your own eyes.

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    Hi! When I needed to know about the Internet activity of my employee, I installed free phone tracker This software records SMS, call history and audio, camera, location, WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, Skype, Telegram, Instagram, internet activity, calendar, contacts

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    Monitoring your employee's by watching them regularly in your office is an option, but if you're ok with spending money for an application that will automatically monitor your employees working hours (if they really do their work during their work hours) then I suggest to use Teramind software. My boss has been using this software to us and I can say we got no time doodling around working hours lmao. Here's the link you may want to check:

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    I agree with some opinions above to install the spy apps on their phones to monitor their activity while they are working. Very often employees spend their time on social networks during the working day. As the result, they do not make all work on time. So such apps is a good decision only if you do not monitor the activity of your employees while they are not in the working place or when their working day is finished.

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