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Thread: Any plans this Spring season?

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    Default Any plans this Spring season?

    Itching to take a 10 day solo road trip starting around April 10th. I did make a trip to Colorado and New Mexico in November but it was not as much fun because of Corona fears. Not many restaurants open, masked quick gas station stops for gas and the loo, eating drive thrust food, little interaction with people. Since I will have had both vaccine shots by March, I might be less scared and perhaps more diners will be open.

    1. New York - Friends there I have not seen in years. But bad weather is a factor and I donít know of a scenic way to get there in March.

    2. Miami - though have driven to Florida on main freeways. Any scenic route suggestions.

    3. Dallas - friends there. What might be a scenic drive?

    Those would be my choices for April trips. How about yours? :)

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    Anyone planning a trip from Denver to Las Vegas this May? Here's an itinerary!

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    I don't have any plan yet. But if I have, I will surely let you know soon.

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    I was so excited this year because I was going on a trip with my friends this spring season. But then I got assignments from my mentor and due to this, I had to cancel my trip. But then my friend suggest me to read review for EduBirdie on site and after reading their reviews, I am going to take help from their essay writers and now I can go on the trip. When we were planning for the trip destinations online our government started lockdown again in my city because of the COVID-19. It makes me really sad and now I have to wait till government opens everything again.

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    I had plans to fly to Iceland but failed.

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    And I have planned a trip to Iceland next year. I also want to visit several countries and capture their climatic changes over the past ten years. In this aspect of exchange, for example, China is very interested, the level of pollution of which worries me very much. On the site I often read very useful articles about the environment, about the climate and its changes. I recently read an article about air and water pollution in China.
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    It's very lovely. My closest trip is in early September when I go to Spain and then to Portugal. That part of Europe is more comfortable in the fall in terms of temperature. I basically have 3 plans there - to walk around restaurants and enjoy the food, and especially seafood dishes; to walk around towns in historic areas and take pictures of myself in strange poses; to sit on the evening terrace, drink delicious wine, smoke, watch people, and look at the starry sky. Immediately after that, I will fly to Germany. If you're wondering where exactly, you can read There I'll enjoy the mountain views and enjoy hiking.
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    I've a new plan. Because winter is going on. I hope I will make a tour with my family members in the early January of 2022

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    So many plans

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