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Thread: how much do you trust self-driving cars?

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    Default how much do you trust self-driving cars?

    how much do you trust self-driving cars?

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    This is a pretty tricky question. On this issue, engineers, experts in the analysis of road accidents and insurance mathematics are of the same opinion: even if the sensors and software of unmanned vehicles are still imperfect and make mistakes, a person holds the palm in the number of accidents behind the wheel. Experts believe that the number of accidents will be reduced by 90 percent if cars are driven exclusively by computers, and therefore all these specialists allocate more time to study How Machine Learning Algorithms Make Self-Driving Cars a Reality ... Here the car is so much more perfect than a person that the question is no longer whether the computer should control the car, but why it still does not.

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    I haven't tried riding one yet, and I honestly would like to try one! Though according to anime, movies that I've watched involving electric self-driving cars. They are prone to hacks, so I'd like to see how Elon Musk will handle that fact.

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