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Thread: Is GM stocks should be currently invested now?

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    Default Is GM stocks should be currently invested now?

    Is GM stocks should be currently invested now?

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    I would go GM.

    both companies have similar dividends and PE ratio. forget the stats, i would go GM.

    -Amazon is not going to the car industry anytime soon.

    -Electric car is the next industry revolution

    -GM is focus on various areas from consumer to large logistics.

    -IBM can go down the toshiba route if they dont start killing their own industry or innovate quickly.

    -when Warren Buffett leaves IBM it will be the downfall.

    -Chinese and India like GM business in their country

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    I am not sure about such an investment at all. Still. I guess the cost will definitely vary from company and the task itself. Check out this article about gm stocks and be aware of all possible peculiarities. You see, I have worked with this resource a few months ago and should say it works pretty well for me.

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    I’m telling you political pressure will prioritize US AUTO CHIPS Over Chinese auto chips and all other chips. Will resolve in full by 3rd quarter for GM and also Ford.

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