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    Default Package Tracking

    Real-time package tracking information made available in an easy-to-read format. We have created the best tracking system where you can see all info about your delivery following a few easy steps.

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    Looks like it sucks
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    I checked my parcel, your parcel search system seems to be working

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    Tell me more about it. What is the unique feature of the system? I'm inquisitive because I've never encountered anything like this before.
    Do you offer your customers to track packages they have ordered and paid for if I understand correctly? How are they different from the ones already built into the online stores? I knew ems tracking does a pretty good job, too, especially when you order quite a few items from different countries and stores. Although, to be honest, I don't order that much, which would make me need this level of monitoring. And in principle, I haven't had such a problem that my order is missing somewhere.
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    Great info! Tnx!

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    I visited your site, there are many tracking companies which you didn't add on your website such as asl tracking, southeastern freight tracking, etc.. You should to add all the courier tracking for customer's better reviews.

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