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Thread: Best guild chat app

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    Default Best guild chat app

    I'm looking for a new app to organize guild's group chats.

    So far I used Hangouts but it has some functions missing like there is no host/moderator in a group chat and no one can kick people and also it's linked to the google account and displays whatever name you entered there (mostly real-life names).
    So I'm looking for a different chat app and would like to hear y'all opinions on what app would work best for this purpose. Thanks in advance!

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    Do you have Discord

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    I just downloaded that app last Sat (and still confused with lots of stuff to know about before having a gc there) with the suggestion of a friend, also WeChat. Are you using both, what do you think is the best from these two?

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    Yeah weChat is the beat IMO and u can have a big number of members in a group, and group creator/mod can kick people who "break the rules"

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    I've looked a bit more into wechat and I like about it that you can have a different custom name in every group you're in and that the creator of the room has rights to kick... but it doesn't sync chats between different devices like Hangouts does (Can access all chats from tablet/phone/notebook/pc without losing any messages). I guess wechat is p2p instead of cloud-based and saves messages only locally on the device you're currently logged in with.

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    Eh, I prefer Discord. Dedicated voice channels on a server as well as an array of bots that you can tweak to your own liking? Sign me up.
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