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Thread: Point of current rifles when body armor is common?

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    Default Point of current rifles when body armor is common?

    I understand that most casualties in war are caused by explosives and such but rifles still matter, what is the procedure when facing an enemy with armor and how would they be defeated? Im aware it doesn't make you invincible but it still helps quite a bit. And how if at all would the new NGSW program rifles help with this?

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    69 calibur rifle shells do the trick

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    If you're so good at aiming, the head, neck, limbs are the best spot to shot at to kill or immobile your foes.

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    The thin body armor contains various ballistic shields, consisting of exceptionally specific and surprisingly strong threads. Now innovations in the world of protection, introduce polyethylene body armor plates, they help to stop bullets from the AK-47 or M163 rifle.

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    Where are you going that you need this kind of information? Are you a terrorist or a soldier?

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