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Thread: How many baby clothes do you actually need?

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    Default How many baby clothes do you actually need?

    FTM here, 19w along. I just have no idea how many onesies, rompers, sleepers, and outfits a baby reasonably needs in each age bracket. If anyone has insight, I'd love any wisdom you have to share.

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    Enough like any other baby
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    That's really interesting. How many cloths do you use per day?

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    Interesting info ... looking for some good answers hehe

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    So much so that it's all worn. Instead of lying in the closet and becoming small.

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    I’ve grown up, but I still need a lot of clothes, like I’m a child. I am constantly finding something new, for example, a shop where I can make personalized clothes, find out more here. When I have a child, I want to buy him custom-made clothes and things like phone cases with our prints

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    I think parents have to have so many clothes.

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    Hello! I am a denim fabric wholesale supplier for kids' clothing. As my customers told me. Their goods for children are very well bought, usually, they even take several pairs of the same clothes, because children are unpredictable creatures that can ruin children's clothes and therefore parents are forced to take a lot of clothes at once.

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    Of course beforehand you need to buy clothes for every season, but the minimum, cause over time you`ll begin to understand what type of clothing your child needs. It makes no sense to buy everything at once. I, too, during pregnancy I had a misunderstanding of what clothes I needed and in what quantities =) And luckily I didn`t buy up all the stores, otherwise I`d have just lost money. First I bought all the essentials, and then I just bought whatever else I needed. Now I like to buy mostly here I always buy for growth, kids grow up very fast!
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    Hi there! I don't think the problem consists of how many items they need, like onesies, rompers, sleepers, etc., but it's painful for your pockets to purchase them almost every year because they're growing god damn fast. I guess that's the most common issue encountered by every mom and dad. I was making fun of my wife and suggested that we better buy one large size of this referee shirt for our little girl, and we will watch her wandering around like a zebra. And we would put a big full stop to this problem.
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