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Thread: How many baby clothes do you actually need?

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    Good afternoon. I want to draw your attention to the fact that this was my first time using Thred Up. In this thrift store, you kind of have to know what you're looking for. Read carefully thredup customer service number , and you will learn how to do it correctly. I had to start typing in Thred Up for the specific brands I wanted to buy and then pick out some good ones. It's true that everything smells like closet when it arrives, so you'll have to wash at least 1-2 times before putting it on, but I'm guessing you'd always want to wash Thred Up stuff anyway.

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    I even don't exactly know. But I am ready to accept others opinion. Thank you so much!

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    Oh, I can't tell you exactly how many clothes you need, but I know that you have to take the minimum, because the baby is growing fast and does not have time to wear everything you buy him.

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    Yes, friends, don't make the biggest mistake of all. Don't take too many clothes for your baby, he'll grow up quickly. I've made such a big mistake already, and I had to give more than half of my clothes to acquaintances. Better yet, I would have spent all that money at Techwearofficial because frankly I really want to dress stylish and unusual. And my style changed so much after giving birth, before that I wanted casual clothes.

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    Can anyone tell me if children can buy clothes made of silk, or is it only suitable for adults?

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    I believe that silk is more suitable for adults. Especially for women. I've seen so many beautiful Silk Nightgown at a great price and I think any woman would be happy to wear such a stunning nightgown someday. Silk is perfect for lingerie and sleep because it allows your body to "breathe". Of course, it should be noted that this fabric is more suitable for summer. But everyone has different preferences for nightwear and can wear it whenever they want.

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