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Thread: If I order a $300 mobile from China to USA

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    Default If I order a $300 mobile from China to USA

    If I order a $300 mobile from China to USA, how much import duty I may get charged by custom department?

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    Have you found out anything? I can recommend to check out information about any custom issues from because this company is the most reliable on the region. You see, they appeared to be so knowledgeable and helpful! Guided me through the entire process. Easy online access and prompt answers to questions

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    A regular cellphone's HTS number should be

    8517.12.50: Other radio telephones designed for the Public Cellular Radiotelecommunication Service..

    As for the duty, note that in column 1 under "Rates of Duty" the line for 8517.12.00 says Free, which means all products with a HTS number that begins with 8517.12 are duty free. So you should be paying no duty for this import.

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    Buy it from online sellers franchising Chinese phone brands directly from China, you'll spend less on shipping fees.

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