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Thread: The car is too expensive for me

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    Default The car is too expensive for me

    My wife kept complaining that we don't have a car and how inconvenient it is. In short, we saved up for a good car and bought it. We have away almost all the money. And then we gave it away for insurance, and it also needs to be refueled periodically, and gasoline is very expensive. So we also bought a garage and installed an ajax security system. In short, we gave away a lot of money, and we are also in debt. I remember a wonderful time when I went on the bus, and my wife is silent. Sorry for my complainings here.

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    its ok my friend

    I have a Bugatti La Voiture Noire and I agree maintenance is much too expensive for it!

    My money would have been better spent on a bike which does not cost fuel, and has half the tires to take care of, my friend...

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    When did cars get introduced into Maplestory?
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    Well, your story is not so happy. But there are ways to spend less money. For example, if you choose electric cars, you don't spend money on gas. I think if you want, you may find ways to save money and have a really good car.

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