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Thread: Recommendations for Moving companies?

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    Default Recommendations for Moving companies?

    I am moving from Birmingham to London in the next few months and wondered if anyone had any local recommendations for moving companies that you enjoyed working with/had great rates for loading/moving.

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    I contacted only two companies when I moved and I didn't like them Hellomovers and Topremoval. Terrible to be honest. Some were an hour late, others broke my vase.

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    Thank you for your recommendations. I wanted to call them. I am hire man and van London, what can you say about them? We heard something about their work. I read reviews on third-party sites and I really liked them. Waiting for feedback)

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    They suck really bad.
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    Hello! I am planning a move and I need to hire reliable movers. I was advised They have only positive reviews. Has anyone worked with them? I have many valuables and antiques. It needs to be well packaged and transported so that I don't worry.

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    Hi, I believe that organizing the relocation effectively is one of the hardest parts. There is a lot of responsibility involved, therefore it is not a simple effort. I actually understood what I needed to move swiftly and efficiently without too much water and confusing information from the blog I read on check it that helped me in such circumstances. My problem was immediately and effectively resolved thanks to it.

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    Thank you a lot for your responses here but can you also recommend me more resources on this theme right now? Thanks in advance guys for your replies.

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    Actually there are a lot of different services that can help you with it, for example I used this one for the company registration in portugal here on and I just hope that it will be useful for you right now as well. You just need to visit them and get more information.

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