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Thread: Is it less expensive to care for someone at home

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    Default Is it less expensive to care for someone at home

    Is it less expensive to care for someone at home than it is to put them in a nursing home?

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    If you dont have any job and have a lot of spare time, then you can care for someone at home.
    But for those who is working I recommend to hire some trusted team for that. To find some reliable service can be rather challenging. I would advise to check out cost of these 24 hour home care services and be aware of all aspects of the topic. I have found the list very helpful during my own rehabilitation and should say it worked pretty well for me. Good luck

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    Not necessarily, but it depends on the individual and his/her needs.

    Be more concerned about the person getting the proper care instead of which one is the cheapest.

    I will tell you this. If you don’t have the time and/or aren’t willing to go by the nursing home to check on your loved one several times weekly, don’t put them in the nursing home unless it’s absolutely necessary. A nursing home should not be the first option you consider unless it’s absolutely necessary

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    It depends on the type of service that is offered. Every person is different and everyone needs individual care. In any case, I think it is better to pay a little more and know that the person is in good hands and will receive proper care. A personal care assistant can offer several services such as bathing, meal preparation, medication reminders, etc.
    Also, I think that the price of services also depends on the obligations that the assistant has. But if there is a serious health problem that requires special attention, it is better to put them in a nursing home.
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    No. Considering the fact that you won't work to take care of a person, or you'll need to pay someone. It's better for the patient though.

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    I think it depends on your employment and, of course, your income. If you are busy and can't look after your elderly parents on your own, hiring a nurse is better. If you don't have enough money to pay for the care of your parents, you can buy them good food and make them food for a few days in advance. Also, if your parents have had major surgeries, it's best to give them a post surgery diet. With this, they will be able to recover faster and feel much better. All the more reason to keep an eye on this, so that you know for sure that they won't eat anything wrong for their condition.
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