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    My husband gave me a diamond ring and I want to check it for authenticity, where is it better to do it?

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    Try to go with your request https://gemscience.net/ I think they should help you. I have certified precious stones with them several times and I want to say that their work is aerobatics. I needed to make a certificate very urgently and they met right on time. This is an excellent laboratory that works according to international quality standards.

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    Give it to me and I'll let you know
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    Go to the nearest jewelry store!

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    Hey! In fact, it is not so difficult to check a diamond for authenticity. There are a lot of methods for this, and even the tools at your home can help with this. You can also contact a jewelry store where professionals will help you in a short time, but as for me, wholesale jewelry is much more reliable, because here all jewelry has a quality guarantee and is probably vile.
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