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Thread: How many supplements / vitamins do you take a day?

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    Default How many supplements / vitamins do you take a day?

    I take two (Vit D and Vit C). Just found out that my sister takes 14?! Various including turmeric, vitamins, something for her gut, agnus something or other, cod liver oil, etc

    What's everyone else doing? Am I behind the times?

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    It usually depends on my condition, but I regularly take five vitamins a day

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    I usually take one tablet of a dietary supplement and a few vitamins a day. I'm sure that these supplements contain all the essential ingredients for optimal joint balance. This is very important to me since I regularly want to go to the gym to stay healthy and fit. They help me with that and are some of the top ones I've tried. They have also helped me get rid of my slow metabolism, and I have started to lose weight much faster than before. Of course, this is not without a healthy diet and plenty of water during the day. I will do my best to achieve my goal.

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