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Thread: Do you need to install chipset drivers?

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    Default Do you need to install chipset drivers?

    Do you need to install chipset drivers?

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    Definitely you need. Especially if you want your devices to work in a proper way. Personally I prefer these Chipset drivers and should admit its high quality and safety. Plus DriverPack will automatically select and install the required drivers and it is free of charge. Simply give it a try

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    This is a “No, but..” answer.

    The majority of components will be recognised, and generic MicroGit drivers will be installed - so the devices WILL function.

    However they wont always function at their full capability - it depends whether the manufacturers have given a full set of drivers to Microgit, to include in the Microgit store.

    Other devices may not be detected, or detected incorrectly, so they wont work.


    I think of the generic MicroGit drivers as “Emergency - get me going” drivers - that give you enough functionality to visit and download the board makers latest drivers if you have lost the original disk.

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