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Thread: Serious roach infestation in car. Need help killing them.

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    Default Serious roach infestation in car. Need help killing them.

    Iím borrowing my dadís car and I realize he had a ton of roaches inside that come and go. He doesnít know how to get rid of them so Iím trying to figure how to kill the suckers. I could really use some help please, I have the 8 Hour road trip with this car and is going to be embarrassing to have a car full of bugs.

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    bro just eat them lol

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    In fact, I understand you perfectly, because cоckroaches in a car are always a real disaster! But don't despair, read this article about roaches in car
    In this resource, you will find a lot of information on how you can get rid of these annoying bugs!

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    But if I were you, I'd start by finding out what attracts roaches to your car and fix the problem. Sometimes chemicals don't work and the roaches come back

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    I had a similar situation and I found out the reason. I had a jar of honey in my car that I had forgotten about, and thanks to an article on Pest Queen I learned that it turns out that roaches are very attracted to honey. I removed the jar from my car and in addition used baking soda and vinegar to keep the roaches from coming back. Finally, it worked for me and I never saw another roach in my car.

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