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Thread: Making fresh bread

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    Default Making fresh bread

    Nothing can beat the smell and taste of some freshly baked bread, but how can you eat it every morning without waking up beforehand to cook it? I've been thinking about getting a home bread machine, but heard some controversial reviews.

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    dont go for the one that's about to be mentioned below because it sux

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    Honestly, I also don't trust these bakeries. Baking your own pastries is a better choice, IMO.

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    Despite being quite a useful tool, bread machines still need a lot of maintenance and don't make the best bread. If you really want to eat fresh bread every day, find a bakery that's baking bread in florida and order a loaf or two to be delivered to you every morning. Modern bakeries offer all sorts of delivery options and make some delicious bread that's also quite healthy.

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