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    "The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways, including how we choose to spend our time and deal with unprecedented circumstances. Anecdotal reports suggest that many have turned to playing video games during the pandemic. To better understand how games are being used during the lockdown, we conducted an online survey (N = 781) that focused on gameplay habits and effects on players’ well-being. We find that time spent playing games has increased for 71% of respondents, while 58% of respondents reported that playing games has impacted their well-being, with the overwhelming majority of responses indicating a positive impact. We identify seven ways that games have affected players, such as providing cognitive stimulation and opportunities to socialise, and a variety of benefits related to mental health, including reduced anxiety and stress. Our findings highlight the sociocultural significance of video games and the potentially positive nature of games’ effects on well-being."

    Hey guys, I just wanna know how were you affected by this pandemic? Did you thrive on playing video games more, and does it gave you a positive effect on your well-being?

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    Not much has changed, I even think that I played less now than before the pandemic started. I think it is because of changes in priorities

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    I think the amount of time I spend gaming is about the same pre and post-pandemic.

    It's been an invaluable escape for me though. My favorite thing to do during the lockdown was drawing the curtains, turn the lights off, put on headphones and just completely immerse myself in The Long Dark. I kept little journal notes of my characters, invented backstories for each of them, and switched up my playstyle depending on how I thought each character would do things. I love that games let me exercise the creative side of my head without being particularly taxing or demanding after a long day of...2020-2021.

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    Ain't gonna lie I actively game while at work after I've cleared all my assigned tasks. If I was in the office I'd just be drinking tea or going for twenty-minute walks anyway.

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    During a pandemic, maintaining sanity is even more difficult than usual. That is why text therapy with a psychologist became widespread during quarantine, because it is very convenient. Here is a link to the service where I applied for psychological help.
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