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Thread: Windows Movie Maker Video Tutorial

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    Default Windows Movie Maker Video Tutorial

    If you want to create a video but you have no powerful video editing software, you could use windows movie maker that is built within your windows operating system (if you are using windows OS) Below are 2 links: one is basic and the other is advance. enjoy!

    Ayumilove Windows Movie maker Part 1

    Ayumilove windows movie maker part 2

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    Very nice, thanks! I might have to invest in fraps and start making ridiculous MS videos.

    Btw, the "opening" bit actually was helpful because it's not in my entertainment folder for some reason, but the "run" command works fine.

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    Hey! Undoubtedly, before Windows Movie Maker was a great software for video editing, but nowadays everything is different and a lot of software has appeared that is much better than WMM, for example Movavi Video Editor:
    This software combines all the best that is in other video editors, so you will definitely enjoy using it!

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