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Thread: What guns do you have?

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    Default What guns do you have?

    Are you a gun owner?
    Which one?

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    I haven't bought a gun yet, but I'm thinking about it, which one would you recommend to buy?

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    Wow, they even ask questions like that here. Cool! I haven't had many opportunities to talk to someone about guns because I don't have any hunter friends. But I've been into it all for a long time and love my old 9mm HST that I bought from an online store. I love the look of this gun and that the recoil doesn't bother me in any way. Anyway, the more I get into it, the more I want to go hunting with friends, but I don't even know where to find them. Maybe you can recommend some forums that are good for this?

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    Oh, can you also help me to choose night vision devices for airsoft right now? Of course, I have already checked this article and many others as well but I still have a few questions and doubts. What do you think about AGM 7.4x Lens for PVS-7?

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