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    I wanted to ask what banks are good for internet banking in India.
    I'm looking for an internet banking service that is user-friendly, if possible and safe. And if someone knows, I'd like to know the maximum transaction limit they give to a costumer.

    thanks for all information ^

    *edit: thanks a lot for all the information. I'd like to ask two more things that I forgot to mention. How does internet banking work or is it even possible and is it hard to open as a foreigner?

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    Hey! Most internet banks are now international and you can use them both in India and anywhere in the world. Personally, I prefer bankera, since I have been making money on cryptocurrencies for quite some time, and this bank is crypto-friendly and has a large number of advantages for crypto enthusiasts.

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    I prefer to use another way to save money internationally so as not to depend on banks, which steal more than a percentage per share, on this website that I am currently occupying you can save your money in crypto and above all transfer it to the account you need, with better security than any bank.

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