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    Hi all. I need a job very urgently. But I don't know how to look for a job, I haven't had that experience. Can you help me?

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    If you can't get a job, that's okay. You can easily find a job just on the Internet. For example, here job finder websites go to the site and choose a job. Look how big the selection is. There are enough jobs for everyone. And it's not hard at all. Good luck to everyone!

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    Hello everyone, I am also looking for a job, but I prefer freelancing. I've studied web development, but I don't have any work experience and customer reviews yet. Do you think I have a chance of finding a good job without experience? I ordered from an impeccable resume, but the line about my previous job is empty. I believe in myself, I am sure that there are employers who are ready to hire an ambitious newcomer. I'm right?
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    I think you need to first find some service that employers post vacancies to. It is much more convenient than looking for a job in newspapers or some kind of agency.

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    I agree with you. Many ways to find a job are no longer relevant, because now there are proven services where you can find a job. I think it's worth paying attention to this site because there are always a lot of current job openings here that are constantly updated. I believe that you need to use all the available opportunities.

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