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Thread: Building a New House

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    Default Building a New House

    DH & I are looking at building a brand new house thru a building company (ie. GJ Gardener or similar).
    I was just wondering if anyone has used one of these sort of companies, who did you use, and how did you find them?
    Also, what have you put in your house that you love
    What would you change?
    What do you think would be a good idea for a new house?
    I would LOVE a scullery, but have no idea how I would use it, so any tips on that would be great too

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    Thanks for the comment. I am thinking about a future home too.

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    I like the idea of living in my own house rather than an apartment. Except I have some questions about what kind of house is best (from a design standpoint) to build. So, for example, we have a garage that we would like to convert into a storage room. But we don't have any paperwork on restoring it, only a building repair plan. Is that enough, or do we need to draw up some kind of document for the inspection?
    On top of everything else, I'm really having a hard time finding doors at the average prices; I found a site with nice doors Can any of you have anything to say about their quality?

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    Building is quite a complex process, you will need a lot of time and money to achieve this goal. Personally I prefer to hire professional workers for such job, in such case result will be the best.

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    Renovation planning is very difficult, but hiring construction teams is very expensive! If you want to build, for example, your house, I want to do it myself. but I don’t know where to start and don’t know any repair advice sites.

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    I think it's not worth spending money on construction companies and hiring construction crews who will make repairs for you! It is because you can easily do it yourself at home, for example painting. There is a website - link, that helps people make repairs at home. Highly recommend to read, there you can find tips related to painting, for example how to make black paint at home is very interesting and useful!
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    A house is not only energy-consuming but also expensive. That is, in order to buy a house, you need a lot of capital + repairs. It is more profitable to buy an apartment and rent it out while making a profit. Anyone who wants to buy or build a house can start buying an apartment, with which specialized agencies help very efficiently. Try this!

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    It still depends on what amenities a person is used to. Someone has enough of an apartment, and someone needs a separate house. We have our own house, but to keep the heat, we are going to replace the windows and doors now.

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    This is a great and correct idea. By replacing doors and windows you will be able to keep warm in winter and cold in summer. It will also save the house from damp. When we changed the doors in the house, we turned to Great company that takes care of its customers. The work is carried out quickly and efficiently.

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    Also do not forget about creating comfort in your home

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