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    Tell me, those who know how to choose a good geometry tutor, I see that my son does not understand the subject, but wants to enter a technical university, then it will be very difficult for him then. What should I pay attention to?

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    I can immediately advise you on a site where you can choose a tutor to your liking , but still, when choosing any tutor, you should clearly know exactly where your child has gaps, what you need to pay attention to, you also need to feel free and to request all documents on education, how many hours he has worked, how many years of experience, is he ready to study at home or come to you, if she refuses, then this raises great doubts, perhaps the person just decided to earn extra money.

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    I have the same problem. I need a tutor or some medical courses. My college grades have dropped a lot and I urgently need to fix them. I'm not sure if I can find professional or decent materials on this site

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    Hey! I am also a student and study at a medical school. When I had bad grades, I hired a tutor here:
    Very good service, there are also courses on different tests and the prices are quite acceptable. I think that with the help of this site you can definitely improve your knowledge and raise your grades in college.

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    You have chosen a difficult direction for your future career. Not all people manage to go through this difficult path and learn all the knowledge to then become a real doctor, and not just get a diploma. If you are interested in a career in medicine, I will give you 7 things to know before becoming a medical student. All this can be read successfully if you click here for more info. I wish you great success in this direction.

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    Thanks a lot guys, what would I do without you!

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    I am sure that a tutor is able to help a student only at the initial stage of study or to prepare for exams. When it comes to problems with writing academic papers, it is best to use a writing service. You will definitely need a professional dissertation writing service if you have any difficulties with this paper.

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